Available courses

B.Com Bachelor of Commerce

Our Bachelors of Commerce Program will prepare you for a career in Accounting, Finance, Banking as well as give you an overall understanding of commerce, its effect on the world and your role as a key participant in today's global economy. 

BFA Bachelor of Arts - Fine Arts

Our Bachelors in Fine Arts is one of the best programs in India. It will prepare you to work in the technology industry, advertising, Media, Packaged foods etc. 

M.Comm. Masters in Commerce

Our Masters in Commerce Program allows you to more than prepare for a career in senior finance positions. You will learn what all is required to make the earth rotate and how to build a career for yourself. 

PGDM Full Time MBA

Our Full Time Masters in Management Program will prepare you for senior leadership in the Corporate world or to effectively manage your own company. 

SOM205 Crisis Management

This is a very important topic and one that is expected to be of paramount importance in times of natural disasters, pandemics and other such acts of God. 

EN101 Entrepreneurial Studies

This course will give you an introduction to Entrepreneurship and starting your own business. Entrepreneurship and especially Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are the lifeblood of any economy and are a key driver of wealth creation and innovation in any country. We will use real world examples and case studies to delve into this fascinating area. 

Teacher: Roshan Dsilva

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Updates due to COVID-19

by Roshan Dsilva -

Hi Everyone,

Please note that due to exceptional circumstances and government advisories in place, all classes will be held purely online. Please contact your faculty advisor in case you have not got your login or important emails to ensure your email address is updated. You may also contact Technical Support Services at any time if facing technical difficulties.

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Dean of All Affairs